Policies Understanding Computers Policies
Understanding Computers
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  Mission Statement
  • We want our customers to enjoy their personal computers
  • We realize that everyone's needs are different
  • Knowing more about computers than our customers does not make us smarter than they are
  • We earn the trust of our customers through courtesy, fair treatment, and outstanding service
  • Our customers are our biggest asset
  Purchasing Policy
  • We act solely as an agent on behalf of the buyer, our client
  • We charge a consultant's fee for our time spent facilitating purchases
  • We do not receive compensation, other than good will, from any supplier
  • We maintain relationships with many suppliers
  • Suppliers with a proven track record are given first consideration
  Telephone and email help
  • We offer brief telephone and email consultations as a courtesy to our customers
  • We reserve the right to limit such consultations
  • We don't answer the phone while driving